GlobalConnect II

The world is changing quickly. Technology has changed the way we live, go to school, and work. The international media brings news from every corner of the world to us with a single mouse click. We have made great strides and are better connected with each other than ever before.

With all the advances we have made, we still face many challenges; environmental issues challenge the future of planet Earth; poverty, hunger, and disease threaten many of the world's citizens; war, oppression, and conflict threaten the safety and dignity of many of our fellow humans.

What will the future look like? How will the youth of today rise to face the challenges of a world of opportunities and a world of challenges?

It will start with an understanding of the issues from a global perspective, and an open discussion among members of the world community. That is why you are invited to participate in this project. Your willingness to learn from each other, and your ideas about a better future will make this project a success, and will help you become the future leaders of planet Earth.